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W6R1 Do I need certifying or am I addicted ?

Firstly I'd like to say thank you to everyone who posts on here, it was your inspiring blogs that even made me contemplating going running today. We live out in the Pennines, Last of the Summer Wine country, and to say we have had a lot of snow is an understatement. The footpaths are impassible in the village and the roads only to 4 x 4s. Well I set off along the edge of the roads, wearing my winter mountaineering clothes, could have done with my googles also due to the spindrift coming off the fields. I had lots of strange looks from the drivers and other people digging out their cars. I ran past snow drifts blowing across the road higher than my head but kept going, just about. Goodness it was hard work, I thought after conquering W5R3 this would be a doddle - I was wrong ! I made it though and if I can get out in this I can get out in anything. Bring on the next run !

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Oh my goodness I feel so guilty for not out today after reading everyones blogs. Well done for getting out there and doing the run. :-) Tomorrow I will go and do the last run of week 6.


Definitely addicted Jacqui!! :) Sounds like a superb run; snow running is so fun!



Glad you didn't disappear under any of those deep snowdrifts! You do sound rather hooked by the running bug! :)


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