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W1 complete beginner (almost)

Hi everyone

I'm trying to getting back into the fitness/running bug after falling off the wagon majorly.

I've always had to work hard at keeping within a healthy weight - finally did it on a big scale 2 and a half years ago. Started Scottish slimmers and lost over 2 stone,bringing me into a healthy BMI and giving me the confidence to go to gym classes three times a week and start running, which without a doubt helped me keep off the weight and feel great about my new found health (I had never been good at sticking at exercise as a child/teenager) and starting a good long-term routine in my early 20s felt like the right thing to do. I even built my fitness up enough that I entered to run a 5K, and although I had to stop to walk a lot I was so proud that I did it!

Somewhere along the way I totally lost my motivation (not helped by moving in with the boyfriend and becoming accustomed to more generous portions and cosy nights in!), the healthy eating habits became sporadic and I stopped going to the gym as much. Then some family problems began and I stopped going altogether for a while. I'm now lucky if I go once a week (usually for something low impact like yoga!). I've put on a stone of the weight I managed to lose and keep off for so long, which doesn't feel good at all.

Now I'm determined to focus my mind again, as I really do feel at my happiest when I'm in control of my health and exercising/eating well. And Couch25k seems like a great way to structure my workouts and work towards a goal - I always said I'd train properly after that first 5K, but in the past I've found it difficult to structure workouts that rely solely on my own drive. Part of my problem is that I get distracted and bored easily while exercising, so getting in to a routine with fitness classes (combat, circuits etc) seemed to really work before. I never had the get up and go to keep running regularly, despite me really enjoying running when I started to get somewhere with it. So fingers crossed the structured podcasts will work, I'm finding all the community stories really inspiring!

I'm going to stop rambling now - but I thought I'd do a first post here, because if I don't start now I might never do it. And hopefully posting my progress on this forum will help me feel somewhat accountable to keep updating and being honest about my progress. Despite lots of friends and family members showing interest, nobody has taken me up to join me as a running partner thus far either - so it will be good to chat with people who are doing the programme or have completed it already!

My short term goal is to follow the programme and run a 5K in July - for myself and also to help raise money for Alzeihmer Scotland in memory of my gran.

My long term goal is to be in a position to call myself a 'regular runner', doing 3 runs a week and enjoying them! Hopefully I'll be able to do a 10K at some point too.

My mantra (which I just stumbled across on running blog upandrunningonline) is:

You don't need motivation. You just need to get off your ass and go - seems very apt to me!

I'll try to keep the rest of my posts a bit shorter - fingers crossed! :)


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Well done you! :) I assure you that the right decision has been made to help you back to happy weight, heart and soul. I'm nearly halfway through the programme but with work and family interruptions and the odd weather/health hiccup I'm not doing each week in a week - if you get my drift? I'm overweight, asthmatic and know that I'll need to adjust eating habits to complete the course and lose pounds too. But, my shape is already changing, and tight clothes fitting better (though not a pound less :( ) If you have home and forum support you will get through this! All the very best in for the weeks ahead ..... With determination we'll be better/fitter/slimmer(maybe) runners by the time summer eventually arrives. I'm an outside runner so my weekend off is well-timed with the snow falling here. Hope all is well where you are? Take care and keep blogging your progress X :) Linda


Hi Linda

Thanks for the kind words! Yes snowing where I am too so not great for getting back into the swing of things (although I'm hoping the cold won't put me off further down the line - I'm reading great posts from people powering through the snow). I am a gym member so I'll be using treadmills but I live near a beautiful park so want to make the most of it too.

I know what you mean about the not doing each week in a week, but I think the main thing is to just keep progressing in the right direction and not worry too much about time frames!

All the best to you too, I'll be following your blogs to see how you get on as a fellow non-grad, we can do it!



Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll be really glad you pulled yourself up again. :) Knowing how much better you felt when you were fitter is really helpful. I read something recently along the lines of ''Getting fit is hard. Being unfit is hard. Choose your hard.'' I liked the way it reminded me that not going out for a run is just as much a hard choice as doing it.

That's a good mantra! I think I'll copy it out and stick it somewhere I'll keep noticing it!


Hi greenlegs

Thanks for the encouraging words and glad you like the mantra as much as I do! It just seemed to ring true as I always make excuses when I'm not 'feeling' like exercise but know I'll always feel great after.

Your quote on choosing your hard is great too. Need to remember that one cause I'd rather be out pushing myself for something I'll be proud of than on the couch feeling guilty and stressing about my health.



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