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Another stepping stones run... Parkrun Saturday?

Got up after night duty, set off at practically the same time as Monday with Stepping Stones encouraging me again...

Set off again with route undecided; surprised even two days made a difference to the evening light, so I decided to cut through the park again, I made a much better attempt at the hill, just a few metres walk at the top; by now it was fully dark. Then the fast section came (160 beats per minute) just in time to run down the steep hill again. Getting to like this downhill fast (for me!) section, have no trouble breathing and feels good to go at a bit of a proper running speed, stretching my stride length, and had no feelings that I may trip or fall this time.

Back on the flat at the bottom the podcast ran out, ran through the warm down, then the Ipod played Laura's Stamina (no introduction) Don't know how it chooses what to play next as it's different each time! Anyway, as I ran along the flat there was a little pothole which my right heel dipped into; felt it pull slightly and as the night at work has gone on I have a dull ache in my leg. Will have to see how it goes, I am hoping to do the Chelmsford Parkrun on Saturday so two days to rest and repair it (I hope!)

Imap gave me the good news I was 90 seconds faster than Monday... every little bit of an improvement is going to be noted and enjoyed!!! :-)

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Hope your leg feels better soon, so you get to do the Parkrun :)

Sounds like a great run up until the pothole - well done!


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