Parkrun no4!

And yes as the clock struck nine they were off!!! I was towards the beck again. It made no difference though as today I felt good in myself for the first time in ages. The temperature was much warmer than I expected for 9am and there was little in the way of a breeze. On the hills my bottom muscles (doing hill sprints at the moments) were killing me.. I was listening to Laura on the stamina podcast and doing my best to keep to the pace. I was exhausted and felt a bit like a baked potato! Even though I felt like giving up after the first K I fought to keep moving. I didn't loose sight of people today. I wasn't to far away from a few runners in front. A good sign to me. I got to the 4K mark and my time was up on every run I've done so far. I kept going 1K left. My breathing was terrible. I was exhausted. I ran the last 200m as fast as I could.


37:27! Over a minute faster than my previous best of 38:42!

AAAAARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! There will be celebrations today!!!!

Happy running all


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  • It was hard going in the sun today I thought too, I did a park run too. It feels great once you've achieved a new PB doesn't it. I'm celebrating today too. Happy running to us both! :-D

  • It's an amazing feeling. I do wish it would last all weekend! Back to reality with a bump though. Well done on your parkrun. xx

  • Many congratulations on your achievement. Celebrate away - you deserve it!

  • Thanks... Just had a mini tub of Booja booja ice cream!

  • YAY well done!! Parkruns are not easy in the hot, i'm lucky that my course is flat!! :)

  • Thanks Aliboo. I quite like the hills these days! Although a flat run sounds lovely! I went out Friday with my dog but cut it short as it was too hot for her. x

  • Great stuff! Well done!!!!! You must be dead chuffed with that

  • I'm really pleased... You shoulda herd me scream when I saw my results!!! x

  • Great

  • Great well done it gets easier many more PB`S to come

  • Thanks... I hope so! Knowing that I am just 50 seconds off my PB from years ago when I eas 2.5stome lighter.... It feels great! Just imagine how much better I'll be when the weight comes off!!!

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