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Week 6 Run 3 - Done and Dusted!!!!!

I've been running outside with the podcast since Week 3 and decided to do W6R3 at the gym on the treadmill because we got a fresh batch of freezing cold weather today... and it was great! I ran at a faster pace, although still slow, but I wasn't out of breath!! 25 whole minutes and I didn't feel winded!!!

I'm SO excited!! AND Laura said I'm "Officially a Runner"!!!! OMG! :D

Can't wait to do Week 7 outside and see how it feels! :D

This podcast series is AMAZING!!

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Isn't it just fantastic when Laura tells you that? :D You are doing so well - keep it up, and you'll be a graduate before you know it!


Well done! I did w5r1 today so gearing up for the next 2 longer runs. 25 mins is amazing.


WELLY well done!


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