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So jealous!

I won't go into details but I'm still poorly. :( I keep reading all the posts on here and I'm so jealous of you all progressing through the plan or just going out for a run.

Well done to all those that have graduated and good luck and well done for starting to all those who have just joined.

I can't wait to get out there again. I think I have become quite obsessed. Whether that's partly because I can't go out there or whether I'd be feeling like this anyway, I don't know but it's driving me crazy.

Think I'm going to end up doing Week 2 Run 3 a third time but I've no idea when I'll be well enough. Sunday... maybe?

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so sorry to hear you are poorly, only start when you are well enough, you will soon get back in to it.

Hope you feel better soon, let us know how it goes.


I hope that this 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' situation you are in really works in your favour when you get back on track, which I hope won't be too long in coming.


Thanks guys. Have finally "gone sick" from work. Hope that I can shake this off over the next few days.


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