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Week 2 is complete.......AND my headphones stayed in :)

Well I have made the end of week 2 and feel very proud of myself. I am still apprehensive about stepping up but will just give it my very best go. My knees have been a bit sore in between runs so I am going to ask at the gym if I need to be doing any specific stretches- did anyone else get achy knees this early on?? My hooky earphones stayed put throughout so I could hear Laura's every word..... Here's to week 3 - fingers crossed.

Well done to all other achievers this week x x

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Best way to avoid aches in knees and joints seems to be to land as gently as you can (feet under body weight, rather than stretched out in front). Going slower or taking shorter steps might help to make the knees take less impact. Keep running and feeling proud! :)


Dont over do it. take the rest breaks and as Greenlegs said be gentle on your feet. Also it may be worth investing in some good running shoes at some point, so the cushion your landing.

Keep it up you can do it. :-)


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