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Buzzing tonight!

I've had 3 weeks off with a sore ankle immediately after completing the C25K programme and been really unhappy with the length of time I've had to take off. (I am probably the MOST impatient person in the world!)

To pass the time and maintain my enthusiam I have read 2 months of Runner world magazines and 'feet in the clouds' (book about fell running crazies).

This week my poor little ankle started to feel much better, so I did W1R1 of C25K on Sunday - just to see how the ankle felt with a liitle running and it felt okay, only little twinges.. so tonight I thought I'd see how much fitness I'd really lost but without pushing self hard... and managed to run 4.33 km in 28 minutes without pushing self at all, and trying to stay 'slow' and not out of breathe, (sang to ensure I could breathe, so look/sounded a little crazy no doubt!) so pretty thrilled with that! :-)

It is strange (and take heart early c25k's) that I actually felt more out of breathe doing the w1 r1 on sunday.. i think because once I get going I get in a nice rythym and get my breath all sorted.

So plan is to do a couple more gentle 30 min runs and then maybe start to up the distance a bit, I'm aiming for 10km. I think I'll leave building up speed for a week or so, as dont want to set my self back.

Thanks for reading! I'm floating on my endorphin rush now.... :0)

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Wow - that's really lovely. Glad your ankle feels so much better and that you've still got a good pace after that long time away. Well done for being patient! :)


Love the fact that you are running and singing, multi talented or what!


not in tune though I fear but no one was around!


Pretty good Lynds 4.33 in 28 mins after being out for 3 weeks. I haven't run for about 3 weeks due to work commitments, in Hong Kong for 2 weeks didn't get a chance to even use the dreaded treadmill I am not one of those who gets up a 3 a.m. to go to the Gym so long working days and then dinner etc stopped me running. So I went out this morning, like you took it easy, got to 3. 3 Km after 23 minutes and thought although I don’t feel too tied, achy or out of breath I didn’t want to push it so will do a gentle build up to running 5K again.


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