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Over halfway! Where's the time gone?

Today's run went a lot better than last run which is great, and there were no stitches to be seen. I'm really starting to like these longer runs because the sense of achievement after them is brill! Excited (if slightly anxious) for w5r3!

Also, just realised that this run today has pushed me over the halfway mark! I literally cant believe how fast the time has gone and if it carries on like this I'll be graduating in no time!

Thanks Laura and happy running!

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Halfway through well done i remember thinking no turning back now and ihave just done w5r3 yesterday and it was great to run for 20 mins so just stay excited and im sure your fly through it good luck with your big run x


W5R3: you'll be fine.

Congrats on your half c52k! :-)


Thanks for the comments! And love that - half c25k! Definitely should become and actual term :D x


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