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Week 8 post night!

Ok so I had a tough week 7 and was wandering If I should postpone starting week 8 due to being on nights...... But after a horrible shift and only 4 hours sleep I decided at least If I started i could just finish at 25 mins if couldn't manage it but .......

I only frickin did it!!!!!!!!!!

I thought about the finish line the whole way ( this probably helped as I'd already run it before I'd started if u get what I mean) and hey presto before I new it I'd done the whole 28 minuets still only about 10mph but don't think il get any faster on the GPS until I'm completed and looking to improve distance in time but I'm really happy with what I achieved I thought I would of given up before that :-)

So week 8 run 2 tomorrow hope it goes as well as yesterday will post to let u no !!!!!!! :-)

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Excellent news - isn't it great when things work out so much better than we expect? Onwards and upwards - you're almost there!


...only 10mph?...??? :O

Well done for running on so little sleep - all my horrible runs have been when I'm tired. :)


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