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Will Laura please stop talking about landing on our heels! W6R1

She only went and did it again, halfway through the 8 minute run. I just had to yell out "NO!" and scared a load of dickie-birds... no one else out at 8.00 on Sunday morning. She first recommended heel strike way back when in week 2 or was it week 3 (how time flies). The advice on the NHS website is OK, so why can't they update the podcasts?

That aside, had a good SLOW run. Followed fellow bloggers' advice about going slow and their warnings about the euphoria after W5R3. Thanks guys.

While running I was trying to calculate whether or not I'd finish the last 5 min run before hitting the awful climb back up to town... Decided it'd be best to turn around after the middle 8 minute run and do part of the 3 minute walk in the opposite direction. As it turned out, the 5 mins were up 2 mins before reaching town, but since that's mostly in full view of the neighbours, I ran it... so 5+8+5+2 = a total of 20 minutes again (albeit with breaks).

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Well done. Was it tougher than the last run?


No, not really. Was all psyched up for that big one, not so much this one. Actually enjoyed the intervals again, gave me time to assess my pace, posture and JUST HOW FAR WE'VE COME in only 5 weeks.

Have you done yours yet? Enjoy it! :-)


Glad to hear that, so many people say it was tougher.I do mine today. :-)


Really well done! :)


Thank you so much for the support. Means a lot.


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