A belated hello to Laura and.....trouble with my ears! W2 R2

Well I got my iPod arm band thingy and my funny hook eared headphones and off I went. I found it so much easier listening to the podcast rather than watching the timer myself. BUT I had terrible trouble with the earphones :( they are the hook over the ear ones and this may sound silly but I think the top parts of my ears are too small as they did not keep the hooky bits in place. Has anyone else had this trouble? Has anyone else got ear phones that actually stay in?

On the plus side it felt fab to be able to 'run' for 90 seconds.

Well done to you all for being so motivated !



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8 Replies

  • I didn't get on with the over the ear earphones, all our family thought they were too big. I bought some over the head sports earphones from Lidl and they stay on no problem.

  • I just use the ordinary earphones that came with my ipod, no problem. When I get to running an hour at a time I might consider investing in "specific" earphones. Until then, I'm not bothering.

    Well done on completing your run today.

  • Thank you - I just wanted to make sure that I had the most reliable ones so I did not miss any of the information on the podcast. Will try usual ones and or over head ones if needed.

  • None of the half dozen or so standard earbuds that my guys had kicking around in our house would stay in my ears. I now use ones with a curved bit that goes over the ears; that stays in place about half the time, but it is not ideal either as it gets knocked with the legs of my specs. For the past couple of months I've been ok as I've wore a buff folded like a headband to keep my lugs warm and this keeps the ear clips in place too, but I'm not sure what I'll do when it gets warmer.

  • I just have cheap ear buds. The right one stays in well, the left one always seems loose (doesn't matter which one goes in the left ear and it doesn't matter which size attachment I use, the left one always seems to be loose).

    This is going to sound funny, but if you're desperate then there's always toupe tape. It was one of the recommendations we were given when my son was little (he's now a rollicking great lump) to stop his hearing aids from falling off from behind his ears. A bit stuck onto the bit that goes round the ear, should help it stay in contact with your head. I wouldn't recommend sticking it down your ears.

  • I use the ones that came with my iPod and iPhone and not had any problems at all. They're quite cheap so maybe give these a go before forking out for specialist ones :-)

  • I use the headphones that came with my HTC phone but as it was chilly on my first run I borrowed my husbands wind breaker which is basically a lenghth of material which you wraparound your head nicely placed over my ears which keeps my earphones in place. His is quite thick probably best used in winter but I bought my own which is flourescent and thinner but so far I haven't been brave enough to wear it with my flourescent jacket as well.

  • Ah good to know - thank you so much!! The earphones with hooks I have stay in but they do hurt my ears- will try the band! Thank you x x

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