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Thank you Laura, I can actually breathe and run!

I have just come back from W5R1, in the local country park, and am amazed that I completed it it in a fairly dignified manner! I am now able to take a deep recovery breath during a run - this was an impossibility at W1, when I was wheezing away after 30secs. I'm scared to say this - but no injuries so far, and I can still walk after each run - I feel good!!

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Well done, you'll soon be on the 'big' runs and seem set to take on the challenges! keep it up and you'll soo have your lovely green grad badge :-)


Well done ... it does feel better breathing :) so glad it is starting to come together for you. Like you week 5 made me realise I could do it if I got my pace and breathing right ... so keep it up as graduation starts to come into your sights :)


Need to change your name! Keep it up - past half way with the next run!


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