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shuffling detours, extra steps and lost extremeties!!

So, went out last night in the wind and the sleet. Like a determined banshee i was!!

felt good to be shuffling past all these people on the way home stuck in traffic and gazing out at me in their cars, probably thinking what the heck is she doing!

but, i lost my stride when I had to pass a big group of people "clothes lining" it across me shuffling path. I was huffing and puffing from behind them willing them to move otherwise i'll have to run round them and that will mean extra running not accounted for in the program! ;-) Goodness, they didnt move and my running round them on to the road, creaked me neck looking out for traffic, then I had to hop back on to the path (more movement not accounted for) and so I got a stitch. Pathetic!! my first stitch! "just" for that that!!

but, because I didnt want to be seen to give up in front of this group, I carried on slowly and worked through it. Snails pace....

did it all up to my last run, uphill, and then just before the end all the shuffling oomph and mojo left me, as did my extremeties because I was soooo cold :-( . My fingers couldnt even work to get my secret sweetie out. now that's bad!!

rushed it home, ate my curry, had a shower and then hit the sack.

that, my friends was last night's outing!

so, new week for next run. see what that brings --- eek!

keep running everyone!

ali ;-)

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I just hate it when people won't move for you. You should have shouted "Excuse me". Or as you ran past them on the road, looked at them and said. "Thanks" all sarcastic like. Hope your next run is better. :-)


caz1-ca !!!! i havent the breath to say anything to anyone whilst running m'dear!!

however, i do have a mean "dirty look" I could try next time ;-)



Ali, I love reading your blogs! You turn a bad run into an adventure with your humor! Well done! As far as the stitch, were you well hydrated? Water will help before a run. Great going and looking forward to your next adventure! Gayle


cheers Gayle, i have to rely on my humour as everything else has gone to pot!!!

i thought about the stitch and I thought I was hydrated, but may be not as much as I should have been given the battle i had to fight with the weather?

will try harder tomorrow to drink little bits throughout the day.

dreaded week 5 coming up -- EEEEEK!!

ali x


I have a feeling week 5 will be no match for our Miss Ali!!!! :-) You will knock that "dreaded 20" to the ground! Just make sure and drink your water first... ;-)


I sympathise about the inconsiderate peeps, Ali - I was running on a trail today and a huge bunch of hikers came towards me and didn't go into single file so I had to run past them on the stones and rough grass. I had my c25k top on so didn't want to let the side down by snarling and cursing, so instead smiled sweetly and wished them 'Good morning!' but inside I was shouting, "I hope you get piles!". I am so not a nice person :(

Well done for your run, and all the best for week 5 - you can do it! I look forward to your blogs about it :D

Annie x


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