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Running gear for Mothers Day! (And back from illness)

Been ages since I blogged because a chest infection set me back but please to report am now back on track. I decided to redo week 2 just to get back slowly and actually found it quite easy. I did my first run of w3 on Saturday and found it challenging but achievable so hoping to finish w3 this week.

So yesterday was Mothers Day and the kids bought me some running gear which I was really chuffed with (gloves, headband, water bottle and socks). I'm actually starting to feel like a runner and miss it on my rest days. Who'd have thought it?!

By the way Greenlegs, I've been channelling you this last week when running - I kept setting off too fast and kept saying to myself "Greenlegs says steady and slow". So thanks for being my running buddy this week :-)

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Ah, how lovely!

I got a very large bar of chocolate (I have 15kgs to lose to get to a healthy weight) very late in the evening with a note that said my son couldn't eat all the chocolate he'd been given for his birthday...

(I did take the precaution of buying myself some daffodils as I know what my offspring are like, and I was grateful to be able to get out for a pleasant run)


I'm dieting Googleme so I think my husband knew better than to buy me chocolate! Like how you bought your own flowers :-)

At least we have our running to turn to. As a mum I don't get much me time so really relish my runs - its worth braving the snow, wind and zero temperatures to get a break!!


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