WK One Run 2= done

I am so determined to do this programme this time. It's my second attempt and only got to week three last time! I have made myself a motivating chart and hung it in the kitchen and I think things like that really help me! On the advice of people on here I am going to try and blog about my runs as think it all helps with the motivation!

I enjoyed running in drizzle this morning and the route seemed pretty good too :) Need to keep this up, really don't want to fail this time!!!!

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  • I like running in the rain too! Well done on making the decision to get back out there! Definitely blog every time U do a run aswell, I think it adds a certain value to the run and U can look back and see how far you've come! I like to blog straight away after my stretches to make sure I do it :) Good luck for the rest of ur journey and dont give up or I'll keep pestering U! :D:D

    Happy running!

  • Hope you've given yourself a gold star on your chart (I actually found a sheet of coloured stars on the ground in the supermarket carpark earlier this week - so I've got some to spare if you need one!) - and a bonus one, for the statement, "I enjoyed running in drizzle"!

  • You will never, ever regret going through the program!!! Do whatever it takes to keep you moving forward and sticking with the program. Small little running gifts work wonders! ;-) Gayle

  • Week one is now complete!

    I am so determined to finish this programme this time, I can do it! Enjoyed it today and somehow went quicker! Thank you for all of the encouragement!

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