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WK One Run 2= done

I am so determined to do this programme this time. It's my second attempt and only got to week three last time! I have made myself a motivating chart and hung it in the kitchen and I think things like that really help me! On the advice of people on here I am going to try and blog about my runs as think it all helps with the motivation!

I enjoyed running in drizzle this morning and the route seemed pretty good too :) Need to keep this up, really don't want to fail this time!!!!

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I like running in the rain too! Well done on making the decision to get back out there! Definitely blog every time U do a run aswell, I think it adds a certain value to the run and U can look back and see how far you've come! I like to blog straight away after my stretches to make sure I do it :) Good luck for the rest of ur journey and dont give up or I'll keep pestering U! :D:D

Happy running!


Hope you've given yourself a gold star on your chart (I actually found a sheet of coloured stars on the ground in the supermarket carpark earlier this week - so I've got some to spare if you need one!) - and a bonus one, for the statement, "I enjoyed running in drizzle"!


You will never, ever regret going through the program!!! Do whatever it takes to keep you moving forward and sticking with the program. Small little running gifts work wonders! ;-) Gayle


Week one is now complete!

I am so determined to finish this programme this time, I can do it! Enjoyed it today and somehow went quicker! Thank you for all of the encouragement!


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