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W4R2......didnt want to do it, didnt enjoy it but I am so pleased I did it!!

Well, the title says it all! I got in from a long day with the intention of running, but then my good intentions dwindled as I looked out at the rain! I really didnt want to and i was very very grumpy about it but I managed all 4 runs - woohoo!! Started well, despite someones stupid dog bounding around me, grr!, got a good pace going but it felt like hard work. The third run took some serious motivation and I was wishing the final run away! But now, I am so happy that i did it and i am on track with the plan. Hope everyone else is doing well xx

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Well done on getting yourself out in the rain! (I will confess that I was quite glad I was having a rest day today, even though I've run in the rain before and enjoyed it!) :)


Excellent job. Isn't it such a fabulous feeling when you complete it? Good luck on your next run. My 3rd run should be tomorrow but I'm going to cruft's so I'll do mine on Saturday. :-)


You are fab!!!! Well done! I dread starting but always feel great after. Well done x


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