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Done it!

So pleased with myself.

Planning to repeat W9 as consolidation and then look for ideas... anyone got any suggestions?

Not looking to do organised events but really enjoying the feeling of being able to trundle along for half an hour or so at a gentle pace.

Thinking of trying to run twice for up to 30 mins in the week, but tackling some hillier routes, and maybe extend the weekend run.

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Well done, a lovely achievement!


Well done on graduating; get your badge of pride sorted! I have downloaded the C25K+ but the last two runs I have just listened to week 9 for the first 30 mins then let it run on to another podcast when I ran for longer..

I have registered with Parkrun but am debating over whether I am ready to run with people (I run alone, just dodging dog walkers etc!)

I think your plan to continue 30 mins x2 a week then do more different routes etc is fine; just enjoy the freedom, I am! :-)


Well done Stega. Bask in the glow :-)


Congratulations :)


Well done! Looking forward to seeing the badge :)


well done and many congratulations!

When I graduate (plan to on Saturday :-) ) I am thinking of following the C25K+ podcasts and try a parkrun, I've also found what looks to be a friendly running club very close by - and whilst I have enjoyed running alone throughout the C25K programme, I think a group might be good to keep me motivated and help me progress.

Whatever you do enjoy it and feel proud for graduating! :-)


Congratulations, Graduate! Enjoy all of the success you have achieved! Well done!! :-) Gayle



Looks like you have a plan. I've been doing a similar thing.

The c24k+ podcasts may give you a bit of structure if find yourself missing it.

Otherwise just enjoy being out there.

Trundlers rock!!!


Well done! Congratulations. It's a great achievement graduating C25k. :)


Congratulations! I graduated on Saturday and have run the Stepping Stones run once - another one this morning - and found it pushed me more than I expected it to but I completed it. I've found four local 5K races this summer so will aim to improve my speed/distance covered in 30 minutes for now.

(Hopefully I have my shiny green badge now???)


well done on graduating too! :-)


Well done - feels great doesn't it ;-)


Congrats, well done! <pops champagne> You did it!


Congratulations on your graduation! It's a fantastic achievement :)


How great an achievement does it feel! I just got my badge this week & can't resist popping back to the site just to look at it :-) Don't rule out parkrun - I trundle along as the slowest from the start to the finish & everyone is unfailingly supportive - very much as "know what it's like as we were all new/slow/unfit runners at one time" - its def not a race other than against your own time - highly recommend giving it a go as one of your weekly runs if you have one nearby!


Well done, you deserve to feel pleased with yourself after all the hard work. Trundling along for a while sounds good. That's probably what I will do, then like pinkhat says, maybe a parkrun........


Well done buddie, great start to your future fitness!

For those who have training in the discipline of Matial Arts

know that in achieving Black Belt status and standard you

have but made a good start in the discipline......

so it is in running.............

Achieving 5k, none stop,is the most difficult and

most rewarding part of your running career.

It is but the beginning ...............


Thanks everyone!

I see the website elves have delivered my badge :-)

I looked up Parkrun and found one just down the road from me on a Saturday morning; off to visit my daughter this week and archery competition next week so looking at trying this before the end of the month.

VintagePat; I so agree with you, reminds me of conversations I had with so many people when I achieved Shodan in Karate-do. Sadly I got hit with the triple whammy of new marriage/house/job all at once and dropped out at that stage. Determined not to let that happen with my running.


Congratulations stega - and badge there already! Looks good!

Looking forward to hearing how you get on with parkrunning. :)


Huge congratulations to you!


You must be chuffed stiff! Great news. Love the badge!


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