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What a great day

I'm just back from a great run.

I set off this afternoon with the intention of running 7k, thus beating my previous furthest distance of 6.7k. I tried to slow my pace down, the first 2k were as hard as always, but I settled into a steady pace and was soon approaching 6k, as I was getting near 7k I was nearing the top of a hill, so carried on to get the benefit of the downhill that followed and was soon at the 8k mark, so I stopped, because I felt I should not push on further. So what do I aim for next week?

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No idea what you do next week, but congratulations on a great run. :)

The only downside of upping personal bests by a big chunk, is that it makes it quite a bit harder to get up to the next PB!


Yeah, it'll be a while 'til I go beyond 8K, but 10k seems a whole lot closer now.

I think I'll make my next couple of long Monday runs 7k and up my distance in a couple of weeks.


I went out for a gentle 30 min run today, along a canal towpath in the sunshine - thought it would be easy. NOT! First 5 minutes I expected to be the usual slog, but it just went on like that all the way through, which was a bit frustrating! Still, it was lovely scenery at least. It was at a fairly good pace for me though, which probably explains it.

I think it will be a while before I do my 48-50 min 5k again - parkrun will have to wait for me for a while! :)


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