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Thank you

Hello everyone. I have been following this site for sometime as I have been completing C25k. This morning I graduated and I just want to say thank you to all of you who blog. Your stories and general encouragement have kept me going. Like many of you have said before this programme truly works. So to those of you who are just starting trust Laura and you will succeed. Now looking forward to running to my own playlist and thinking about trying for 10k.

Many thanks again for all the inspiring blogs. Happy running.

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Wow!! another graduate!! Well done you!!

Glad you're keeping running towards New challenges.

I hope to be where you are now some day. Must be a great feeling.


Go get that badge!!

Ali :-)


That's great! I'm on week two and it feels great. Hope to be running a lot in the following weeks :)


Well done, congratulations!


Congratulations linnylou! That will be me on Saturday - week 9 run 3 tomorrow and I still can't believe this old body is running for 30 minutes without walking at all!


Brilliant, well done! I graduated too this week and I totally agree that the blogs here are brilliant for keeping up that motivation. Good luck with the coming weeks


Congratulations - fantastic achievement :)


congratulations - enjoy the feeling


Congrtulations and welcome to the Grad Club! :)


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