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Thank you!

I forgot to mention in my rambling graduation post just now how much have appreciated all the help and support I've had from all you great people on here, especially those who graduated ages ago, and for whom the trials and tribulations of the early weeks must feel like a distant memory. Until I discovered running, and this blog, I'd been spending a lot of time on FaceBook, I have to say it's been wonderful to find somewhere I can come where people are upbeat and cheerful and helpful!

Thanks again all, you've all been fab! xxx

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Very many congratulations on your graduation ! Secondly, just because you have don't abandon us...that sounds like a farewell note, it would be fascinating to find out how you get on running in Cambridge when you have done all the hard work on hills so do let us know. Enjoy the swimming and have a well deserved couple of days off. Best wishes.


Oh no, no farewells here! I intend to continue visiting this blog, I've enjoyed it so much! Yes I'll let you all know how I get on running on the flat, I'm looking forward to it after the torture of running around here. I'm looking forward to being able to take part in a Parkrun too, there's a nice one in Cambridge.

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It's a great place isn't it? Somewhere we can rant about running without them non-runners being all "pfft, here we go... it's only 5000m after all... how hard can that be... :)"

I look forward to your race and post-grad reports!


Congratulations on graduating! Fantastic achievement, well done.


Aw bless you Curly, that is very nice of you to say so :-) xxx


I think the forum is what makes it ;o) Where else can we come and rant on about running and people are actually willing to listen ;o)


Way to go Curly baby!!! You did it!! Wahay.

I'm proper chuffed for you. Great feeling isn't it. Keep on running won't you! Your running adventures really begin from here on in


Well done on graduating. It's fabulous.

Of course you realise that now you are a graduate it is your duty to dish out the "expert" advice and encouragement to the newcomers!!!



Yes! I'll enjoy that!


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