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I can't believe it's been a month!

Where on Earth has the time gone? I finished week four today, I can't believe it's this far and I'm still going!

On my first run of this week I got hit by karma. I was slamming the door behind me and not paying attention while Laura was going over the schedule for the run (sorry Laura! :P) and misheard the last bit, I thought the last run was just 90 seconds. So it was all going well and I was all pleased until she announced the second five minute run, at which point I almost stopped in shock. Still, this program really does manage to prepare you because I did it! Unintentionally the first time (and very intentionally the second and third...) I managed to be at the top of a hill at just the right second for the last run, and happily snaked down a lovely decline for the full five minutes. That really helped.

I think this was quite a big step up run for me, compared to the last three weeks. I'm looking forward to next week and the fact there are different runs!

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Well done on completing week 5. :-) Everyone is getting a dead of me. lol


Thanks! Hope that you are feeling better now :)


I am feeling much better thank you. :-)


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