Just got my first smart phone. Which running apps does everyone recommend and how is a Garmin different

I'm hoping to graduate next week (second attempt - twisted ankle at w9 r2 last year) and was thinking a getting a garmin as a graduation present but i've just started with Nike + free app on the phone. Do a need a garmin? Are there any better apps? What does everyone use?


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  • I was just about to buy a watch when I worked out how to use MapMyRun properly, it can give you loads of info but I tend only to use it to tell me how far and for how long I've run. This is in my ear during, the website after gives more info.

    However there are as many apps that do similar as Beatles number ones so it's probably best use Google and take your pick.

  • I've been using RunDouble for C25K but I'm thinking of using a different app when I graduate because you can't set the distance you want- there's a list to choose from but I want to set my own training programme.

    I\ve heard good things about Endomondo but I don't think it's a free one.

  • I have the Endomondo app on my 'phone but haven't used it. I imagine it's like MapMyRun, some aspects are free and some you need to upgrade for.

  • I use Endomondo to view my runs but I also have a garmin 110 (which you can now upload to Endomondo). I used to find that my phone app would not always record my run (sometimes stop half way through). My Garmin has never let me down and is a lot lighter as you wear it like a watch. When I go for a run I usually take my mobile as well (I have epilepsy so feel safer with a phone on me) but when I do Parkruns and races only use the Garmin and much lighter.

  • Thanks morningglory - silly question but does a garmin work as a watch too? Do you have to pay for the endemondo?

  • Thanks everyone - morningglory was where I was going - the Nike + has gliched once or twice, I am not too keen on running with my phone as its more vunerable. I had heard of Endmondo so that and the Garmin seems like the way forward. Or do I just want an excuse for a new toy!!!

  • Endmondo is free but you can upgrade for about Β£10 a year to get more stats. Yes the Garmin does work as a watch but you have to recharge the battery via computer and it is bulky so not sure you would wear it everyday.

  • I use another free app, Runkeeper. I used Endomondo for a while but then it started doing weird stats - like showing I did my run in a river, or that I did 1000ks in 30 minutes so I switched to Runkeeper and have been a happy bunny ever since. Two things to note: it takes about 3 to 5 minutes to lock onto the satelite but it stays locked on! and chose your music before you start the app.

    I have been running for two years now and after both winters I redid Couch to 5K to regain fitness after the winter slump and as I pushed my fitness up to 10K level last year I have gone onto one of Runkeeper's 10k training plans - the sub 65 minute plan as it has stamina and endurance runs built into it. I am so glad I did C25K+ last year as it is a good programme and the experience nicely slots into the Runkeeper 10K training plan.

    Whatever you chose I wish you much enjoyment, these apps have certainly made my runs more enjoyable, more structured and have done much to keep boredom at bay

  • I'm another Runkeeper user (HTC Desire phone with Android 2.2).

  • I'm a RunKeeper person, too. Love it! :)

  • I have recently purchased a garmin forerunner 10 which I hope to try out on saturday and am looking forward to seeing how far I am running, how many calories I am burning and the pace i am running at although the latter is not that important as I am not interested in speed! just want to be able to run 5k outside especially for my race for life 5k in june. Will also use it when I go on parkruns.

    What you use will depend on your goals with regards to your running.

  • I used Nike + along side my couch 2 5km free app today for the first time. Neither interrupted the other. I followed my walk run instructions and the Nike + gave me km milestones and logged the map of my route and colour coded my runs vs walks. It was nice to be sure of the distance I actually covered.

    I will be doing this from now on, I'm still amazed two apps & music all work in harmony. Isn't technology fab.

  • I use the running App STRAVA, no problems, it speaks your distance & time every half mile, ales keeps a record of all your activities.

  • I use endomondo.

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