I use 2 different treadmills, and one is a lot harder to use! does that make sense??

I am in the middle of the program (week 5), which I do on a treadmill. I have a treadmill at home, and there is also one at a gym near where I work. Recently I am using the one at work, but would really like to use the one at home more often. However, my home treadmill seems MUCH HARDER then my work one, and I can't understand why. at work I walk at 7.1 and run at 9 (kph) without too much trouble, at home walking at 6.3 is already unbearable. Has anyone experienced this?

any advice?

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  • Stupid question but are you sure the one at home is set to kmh, could it be set to mph?

  • 7.1 km/h is VERY fast for walking, whereas 6.3 km/h (very close to 4 mph) is military march speed (still very fast for most people). So it sounds to me like the one at work isn't calibrated right.

  • is it? because at this point I do it quite comfortably on that treadmil... maybe the belt is overused.

  • I jumped on a treadmill in a hotel in the USA once, and it nearly killed me. Seems that the US treadmill was displaying speed in miles per hour, not kph.

    Unless I am in the fresh air with a GPS-based gadget, I would not believe any indication of distance or speed, particulalry on a treadmill. Just accept that the speed indicated on both treadmills cannot be compared, and set them to what is comfortable.

  • yes, they are both km! thanks!

  • Yes treadmills are different. It depends on a number of factors like calibration, as Tomas says, how old the belt is, the conditions of the room, etc etc.

    I would adjust accordingly to what I FEEL is the right speed otherwise you might tire out and lose motivation. Good luck.

  • thank you for this response. it makes me feel better! what did you mean by conditions of the room? because the 'bad' treadmill the room is hotter (the AC isnt as strong by me at home!). Can this be a reason?

  • Definitely a reason. Think you've hit the nail on the head. Most treadmills have their own cold air blower (I'm sure there's a more technical name for it) so check next time.

  • are you sure it is not on an incline??? i made that mistake once, i almost fell off the back of the treadmill cos i was exhausted!!!! lol

  • nope :-) I mean yes, I do incline to 2%, but i do that on both treadmills..

  • I had the same problem at my gym, turns out one treadmill is in km/p/h and the other is m/p/h. Didn't I feel silly lol

  • I thought about this some more. Maybe both machines are in kilometers per hour, but do you think one is set to your pace (minutes to travel a km) and one is set to your speed (kilometers travelled in one hour). If you run at 10kph then your pace is 6 minutes per kilometer.

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