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Confusion with running times/apps

Having completed WK6R1 on Tuesday I turned to thinking seriously about actually running 5k so I started to take noting distance seriously. I'm currenly using STrava to calculate distance speed etc but I think the average speeds are completly off. So today I thought I would be clever and use mapmyrun too. I got two completely different results - Strava said I did 5k the other 3.36k?! Even if Strava was right my average speed was 7k for a 5k distance in 35 minutes?! Which I don't think is right.

Just wondering if anyone has had similar problems and if anyone could suggest a good app. I know the most important thing is to actually get to running for 30 minutes but it helps motivate me if I can set mini targets and improve my average pace.


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I use Runkeeper. As far as I know it's accurate, although I sometimes have trouble locking on to a satellite for the GPS.

Whatever you use, good luck with the rest of the programme :-)


Hi I use Nike + (free) its had a few glitches but endemondo and mapmyrun seem well used by others> be careful tho its easy to get addicted to the stats and milestones!!


I recently changed from a cheap pedometer to mapmyrun and discovered that my 30 min route is nearly 5k not the depressing just about 3k the pedometer was recording. I've tracked the route on other sites now and mapmyrun seems to be accurate


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