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Starting again after a break, How should i phase myself back in

Hi all I completed c25k Christmas week, and kept running 3 times a week. Then a few weeks ago was having a problem with left shin, had to have some physio and stop running on it for a few weeks. Now wondering where do i start again? Will I have lost the level of fitness I had? No pain at all in the leg now but wondering how I should approach getting back to running again

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You won't have lost very much, but best take it easy for your first couple of runs. I had a 7 week break over Christmas due to a bad knee and the awful weather and started again in new shoes with a 2 mile run, a rest day, then a 3 X 10 mins run/3 minute walk, another rest day then a solid 3 miler.

Since then I've been building up mileage and am now doing ~20 miles a week


Hi thanks for your reply, I just went out and thought I'd see how I went. I managed the 5k without any real problem and have kept it up. Hoping to work on either speed or distance over the next few weeks. Tried running on the treadmill for a change one night this week and found I just didn't have the same abilty, not sure if it was the heat of the gym??


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