Uneasy about the next one: 7r1

I managed to run the 6r3 on Monday (thanks for the plaudits), but am worried about the next. I use a Polar HR monitor and on the aforementioned run my HR went from 100 after the walk to 174 max. running. The thing is that it was almost a straight line from those two points and I wonder what it will be on the next run. I run on a treadmill and use 9.6 km/hr as my run speed and 1.5 degrees slope. I could drop one or both of these, but it will feel like a defeat.

Of course slightly defeated is better than permantly dead!

Any thoughts?


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4 Replies

  • Yeah, permanently dead stinks a bit!

    What did you feel like when it showed 174? How does that relate to your max heart rate? Could you still hold a conversation? If not, probably a good idea to drop either run speed or slope, irrespective of heart rate.

    No need to feel defeated anyway, if you are still pushing your body at a level that is appropriate for it now. In a couple of weeks or so, you'll be fitter, and able to push a bit more. Not so easy if you've keeled over or damaged your legs! All the way through the programme I have been amazed at how quickly fitness builds up. 9.6kph is pretty fast for week 6 anyway. (For goodness sake, I'm proud that I ran at just over 6kph today, 2 weeks *after* graduation! :P )

  • Great, thanks for the information. Actually had no idea if 9.6 was fast or not... it was the treadmill default, so I used it.

    I was severely out of breath at the end and had a sort of rushing tingling about 2 minutes from the end. No idea what it was, but had same on the 5r3 run, not unpleasant, but a bit strange.

    I will drop the pace a bit and make sure (I hope) I nail week 7. Maybe I will start as normal, then drop the pace to control at around 160 to 165. Is the calculation 220 minus your age? If so, I should not exceed 172.

  • "a rushing tingling" sounds a bit like you'd been hyperventilating. Weird sensation - I did that once when I was feeling very seasick!

    Apparently the heart rate calculation is only approximate, and there are various different ones. I think the max figure may actually be quite a few beats higher or lower for an individual, so not that much help really! One article I read suggested finding a comfortable pace, and then looking to see what your heart rate is (rather than the other way round) and using that as a baseline. Funny how we tend to believe technology more than our own bodies though!

  • not sure that the rush was hyperventilation or an endorphin rush. Felt weird though and I was clearly close to my limit it both cases, so you could be right.

    Thanks for the advice. No time tonight to test the theories as I got back from Germany too late. Tomorrow is the test, so will try a little more gentle a run!

    Now two days with out a run. I need my fix!

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