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Longest ever c25k

Well its been almost 2 weeks since I did wk8 run 1, and due to night shifts and way too much uni work today is the first day I've had chance to go out and do wk8 run 2, I might even graduate soon, but with my track record of 1-2 weeks between runs it might take a while ha. Oh I hope todays run goes ok with such a long break since the last one! Going to try really hard to do this more regulary now as I have no night shifts for 2 weeks!

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Hope it went ok, katy. And if it didn't that you'll not let it get you down. Fitting this in around night shifts can't be at all easy. I find it tough even if I just get a bit less sleep than usual. :)


I did it greenlegs Yey! And it was fine, back on it at last, the end is in sight!


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