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Any suggestions on how I determine the distance I'm running?

I am currently in W4R2 and have noticed that due to the longer running sections I am covering more ground (yippee!)

Before now all I was interested in was completing the runs but now I'm getting into it, and evermore closer to W5R3 I'm thinking I should start recording my distances,

I listen to the podcasts on my iPhone, so was wondering if there was an app you can suggest to measure how far I'm actually going?

Thanks :)

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This website lets you do a fairly accurate route measurement.

Lisa :-)


I use MapMyRun but there are a few out there such as Micoach, Endomondo and RunDouble. I set mine up to interupt Laura as I'm running to tell me how far I've gone and I can save my run to look back on. I'm assuming they all do similar.


I have used this site for working out distances covered and it's free ;-))


I use walkjogrun for planning my routes. If you want to know how far you've run instead of just total distance covered then there are apps that you can use. I use Rundouble, it's not free but it's only about a pound or something. It shows you on a map which bits you ran and which bits you walked and tells you stats for each interval. I prefer that to the podcasts because I can listen to my own music as well as getting the prompts.


I use RunKeeper to track my runs. You can't measure parts of runs with it, if you were wanting to be able to track the running parts - you could just enter them as seperate runs, although that may be a bit of a faff. MapMyRun also has a website where you can enter routes, and it measures the distances for you.

The way I have RunKeeper set up, it talks to me every five minutes, rather than every mile/km. That means that as long as I start it at the same time as the podcast, I've got an indication how far I've gone in my warm-up walk, so I double that and take it off the total distance at the end. And since I'm sure my cool-down is *never* as fast as my warm-up, at least I'm slightly under-estimating my run distance...

Did any of that make *any* sense at all?!


Thank you all :) I don't think I'm going to start measuring distance while im actually running until I'm doing the continuos runs but im sure it will be worth planning my route distance now so I've got an idea. Hope I'm not being too premature, I've got to complete week 4 yet!!


Runkeepers great, you can set it so it tells you every KM - or 2km or half km, whatever suits you, (if you don't want to know as you go along you could just leave that button switched off) and at the end of the run it tells you exact total distance plus average speed. Since I graduated I run with it instead of Laura and the regular updates on how far I've gone really help me keep going and try and beat my average speed last time. And it's free!


Just been told to try strava - it's a free app. Not tried it yet but have heard good things!


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