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The Soho to Piccadilly Sprint

No not a new Event! Went to London yesterday to see two actors I know in their respective shows, the final one of which finished at 8:50. All well and good, except my last train left Paddington at 9:30!!

I ducked out as soon as it finished and raced out of the theatre and ran from Dean Street to Piccadilly Circus, trying to avoid all those inconsiderate tourists (and I'd forgotten to factor in the Rugby fans!) who think it's perfectly fine to dawdle along the streets, holding up everyone who has somewhere to go... ;-)

Just before I got to the tube station, I was panting like crazy and my throat was burning but I kept telling myself I can run 10k so this should be a doddle! Anyway I made it in 10 minutes and got straight on a train but as soon as I sat down I started coughing and every time I tried to breathe in, I just coughed even more! The other passengers must have thought I had bronchitis or something even more deadly as I noticed several sideways glances!

Made it to Paddington in time thank goodness (didn't fancy spending the night on the platform, done it once before - not fun) and all the way home, a two hour trip, it was the same Even today, although the cough has eased, my throat is still a bit sore and my chest is rattling like Marley's Ghost!!

I can only guess that it was a mixture of the cold air and traffic fumes but sheesh, I've never had anything like this before. Makes me all the more in awe of those of you who have asthma and other chest problems who persevere with this programme despite it.

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I've done something very similar in the opposite direction, to catch the last train to Sheffield. Meeting at the Royal Geographical Society in South Ken then sprint down [long] Exhibition Rd and that [very long] subway tunnel to the Tube. Caught the train but only just!! Before C25K I suspect I'd have missed it.


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