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Still not back in tip-top form :-(

I went out this morning full of optimism, having completed both Stepping Stone and Speed during the week with no ill (post-flu) effects. So what could be better than reverting to an old favourite route and trying for a compete Stamina run? Well, think again. Lots of little problems came along to niggle me....

First of all, pesky Garmin refused to find its satellite for about 10 minutes. I didn't want to start running without timing it so I had to repeat the warm-up walk. Not a big issue but a pain. Second, as I left the house there were fine flurries of snow coming down. Not enough to settle but plenty to get in my eyes and make it harder to see where I was going. Never mind - on I went and the first few minutes actually felt much easier than the first 5 on Thursday (you know that leaden-legs feeling?)

By the time Laura said "we're going to move it up a notch now" I was approaching the local recreation grounds/park where I usually do a couple of circuits. However, by now the snow was coming at me horizontally, fuelled by a bitter crosswind. Intrepid as ever, I kept going for as long I could.... but eventually my body got the better of me and I decided to take a walk. The walk started being 1 minute.... then 2....... but at 3 minutes I thought I'd give running another try. By this time the park was getting noticeably busier - lots of very fit-looking people in professional-looking gear. I ran past an ominous sign that said "This way to the start" and another that said "1st lap turn left". Clearly something was going on and I didn't want to get caught up in it - let alone mistaken for a participant!

Having had one walking break my heart wasn't really in the run any more, so I decided to walk home. On the way I asked what the event is - apparently it's the Winchester 10K today and what a charming day (gloomy, snow at times) for it. One "helpful" person even said I was going the wrong way for the start - surely the beetroot coloured face should have been a clue that I'd finished my "run". Final distance 3.57K in 25 mins, of which 3 were walking. On a positive note (for there must be one) my first 2 kms were at 7 min/km pace, which is 35 mins for 5K. I'm actually quite pleased with that.

Next week's plan is to repeat this week - Stepping Stone and Speed during the week and yet another attempt at Stamina next Sunday. Have a good week everyone :-)

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We all have runs that we aren't that happy with but need to remember not to beat ourselves up over the, coz you went out there and DID it! Well done and good pace! Maybe next year you could do the race!

Know what you mean by the weather ...cold and horrible yesterday (wind and snow) and much the same this morning, I have been doing the 'spring' dance so hopefully good weather will come soon!


Hi Ali -

Looks like you've done very well this weekend :-)

I'm not really disappointed - Stamina is always quite tough going and it just showed I'm not quite back to pre-lurgy fitness yet. It will come eventually.

Next year - ha ha! It doesn't seem like a good time of year to have a 10K although according to the website over 500 people disagree with me. The website also says they start at 10:30 am and prize giving is at 12. I think I'd still be out there shuffling along at that time!

I really don't do well with winter - I seem to be able to run OK in cold weather (but don't like it) - any suggestion of snow has me running very fast back to the couch though. Spring will come one day - I hope - so please keep dancing and thinking happy thoughts :-)

Have a great week!

Ann x


sorry to hear that the run wasnt what you were hoping for, but, like ali says, we all have them. my garmin doesnt like the snow or rain either. today, it was clear & picked up a signal straight away, but normally takes my 5 min warmup walk to get itself all ready.

have a rest day or two then try again. bet the next one will be a doddle :)

& am also doing the spring dance, well my version of it anyways ~ do you think my dance moves to embarrass teenagers at one direction last night will count towards it :)


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