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Does anyone else suffer from Chilblains in the cold?

A bit random but I've had a sore toe now for about a month. I'll be honest my trainers were very old and worn out so my sore toe prompted me to get on and buy some news ones.

I haven't run for the last fortnight (is it really that long??) as i have had the lergy but still my toe is sore and now my other foot is hurting too. They look like brusies and after getting my feet out and showing any one who'll look we think the problem might be chillblains, (I'm intending to get this verified tonight by my mum who's a chiropodist)

I'll admit i thought they only affected old people not a spring chicken like me, 34 today :-)) but the more I think about the more i think that's it. When out running the last few times my feet have been unbelievably cold. In fact I commented to my husband that they were actually numb for most of my 8K run.

My new snazzy trainers are uber light and have mesh to allow my feet to breath but sadly also in this weather, freeze.

Aside from wearing wellie socks or not running does anyone have any suggestions? I'm hoping to get out tomorrow for a quck 5K just to keep my finger in so to speak but I may have to hobble. Any advice would be much appreciated.

I love the crisp cold weather but it would seem my feet do not. Thanks guys, Allie

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Allie, I've suffered with chilblains for donkeys years.

Do you wear any socks? Try some double skin ones - they have a thin layer which is a built in inner-lining that allows your foot to move without causing friction against the thicker layer. I bought mine from Go Outdoors to wear with my walking boots to stop 'friction-blains' but I also now wear them when I run and they are so comfortable. I'm sure they've helped, keeping my feet comfy and warm and I've had no chilblains despite the freezing weather.


Happy birthday Allie!

My mum gets chilblains and although she's an old fogey now she wasn't when we were kids (well not chronologically anyway) and she used to get them then. Unfortunately other than send sympathising messages from her via me I can't offer any real advice as I've never suffered. Other than try to keep your feet warm (and don't put them on the radiator when you get in, or is that an old wives tale?).


Happy Birthday! I have had chilblains in the past, probably back when I was about your age (ie long time ago!) but curiously haven't had them this year. Maybe being more active this winter has helped, because I definitely still get very cold feet. Not that that helps you much, I'm afraid. :(

I was surprised just how cold my feet got in my new trainers - as you say, the mesh top lets a lot of very cold air in! So maybe thicker socks is the way to go. Hope you find a solution. :)


Are your trainers the right size? I wear a 10 in street shoes but go for an 11 in trainers or walking boots; maybe snug trainers (especially in the toe box) would restrict circulation and make the foot more vulnerable to chilblains? Maybe go for something more substantial like a trail running shoe, maybe with a goretex lining? Specialist running shop visit!


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