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Hound of the Baskervilles

Week 5, run 1 - pleasantly surprised as was sure there was a 8 minute run in there! Got a bit mixed up I think!

Anyway, felt like this was the most challenging yet as my lead legs were there for all of the first 5 min run. But then got into it and really enjoyed the second run, totally lost track of time, maybe it was the fog - it was like 'Hound of the Baskervilles' out there with doggie playing the hound part (obviously). And then there were the crows, big fat black things, which reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock's 'Birds'.

Also passed my kids' headmaster's wife from school. Now, just 3 weeks ago this same occurrence had freaked me out. I had passed her during week 1 and tried to hide and pretend I was just out for a walk with the dog. But today, I really didn't care! I slowly jogged along and smiled, and she smiled back. How things have changed in such a short space of time.

Oh, and thanks to dottiemay yesterday, I think she's got me sussed!

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Love the filmic/literary references! Best bit though is the huge self esteem bump-up - that's brilliant. As you say, this can change things so fast! :)


Hi greenlegs. Yes, I can feel the confidence growing. I'm also finding a real mix of emotions coming out, and realised that I'm not entirely sure the exact reasons for doing this, just that I intend to finish it and graduate! Why should a little green badge begin to mean quite a lot??


Maybe because it's something nobody else can do for us, and that we've done for ourselves, not for someone else? Dunno, but it is pretty special. Knowing that others understand why it is special is part of it too! :)


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