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The lying hound!


My dog has been telling me that Week 7 is too far for her to run and starts to fall back around the 20 minute mark (that's a picture of her after run 2 - she fell asleep and didn't stir for a couple of hours). I wasn't sure about taking her today as she seemed not to be well as she didn't eat her breakfast but as soon as I put on my running shoes she perked up so I decided to take her. It was a lovely day for running and I slowed my pace a bit for her which was good for me too. At about 22 minutes she had dropped behind so I was running looking back to check she was OK. At that point she spotted a crow on the heath and promptly shot off after it, sprinting for all she was worth! The crow lazily flapped away, the dog still in pursuit until she finally realised it was futile. She then trotted over to me and ran with me until Laura said "1 minute to go" at which point I had enough left to put on my "Parkrun finish sprint" and we zoomed together through that imaginary finishing tape (I'm not the only one to imagine that am I? :)

After the warm down walk we had another couple of sprints before walking home. When we got there she decided to eat the rest of her breakfast before sitting expectantly until she got her post-run-treat biscuits.

So, for Week 8 I will not be accepting any excuses!

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:D this post actually made my day! LOVE it!! :)


Huge well done... both! :)x


Lovely photo of your dog, she seems not to want to run with you any more than W5R3, any further runs perhaps you should leave your lovely dog at home.

Now-runner_NeedsAttnGraduate in reply to AlMorr

You might be right, I was in two minds today. I'm planning that my next run will be a Parkrun so I'll sneak out of the house without her for that and then maybe only take her on shorter runs. She's an ex-stray so we don't know how old she is beyond the vet's estimate of "about 6 years old" and she has been slowing down noticeably in the year plus we've had her.


I guess even dogs have off days when they don’t want to run!


Brilliant 😂

Love that report. 😄



Maybe dog to 5k has slightly different intervals? She does have 4 legs to condition after all. Bless her!

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