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60,198 members92,848 posts too, back from the couch. All is not lost!

Just noticed a few graduates, who like me have been on the couch for far too long. A few common themes bad weather (I like to run outside), lassitude, bad time at work, an intermittent back problem that I thought that I had solved (see earlier posts)and Christmas meant that I hadn't been running since November. But thankfully I have also found that I haven't had to go back to the begining. I started running last year for lent (thought that it would count as mortification of the flesh!!), so this year I started again on Ash Wednesday at W3 so that I can get to W9 by Easter - then I am toying with the idea of increasing the distance over the summer...but I have decided that it's the journey not the destination. I would just like to add that seeing all the posts really spurs me on, if I ever feel like not going out I just check out the latest blog and I am inspired to put my running shoes on. plus knowing that you have done it before gives you the confidence that you can do it again.

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Wow! There must be something in the air stirring all couch graduates to get going again :) It's brilliant to have you all back with us!! :D You will be fine April, no problem.

Yes reading these blogs often gets me out the door too; great isn't it?!

Happy running!



Well done for getting back to it, April! I have kept running through the winter but haven't managed to do the ideal 3 runs a week - we've had a fair bit of snow and ice here, and sometimes it's just too horribly cold and windy and wet. I know sometimes those runs can be exhilarating but.....! Yesterday, for instance, was just too dismal to go out, the couch proved irresistible! You will find your journey through C25k goes really smoothly, I'm sure, as you reactivate your fitness. Also, you KNOW you can do it and can enjoy the journey without the self-doubts that you may have had the first time. Good luck! Sue


I bet you'll enjoy the experience of doing the podcasts again. Lets hope for more Spring- like weather too.


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