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Spring has sprung?

Spring seems to be springing, or at least teasing us.

Two beautiful days where I am, and I have hopefully got back into regular running again.

On Saturday I set off for my normal course which is about 6 k and is on the flat beside a river. But then I gazed at the hills and thought, why not? I set off on a longer, quieter route into the hills. I had no clear idea where I was going but the hills and reservoir looked lovely and it was downhill on the way back.

In the end I did 7.32 km in about 40 minutes. Not an amazing distance but much of it was inclines and I was happy to start running for longer. Need to try to make a habit of it.

And back out today for a shortish run in the beautiful sunshine. Will almost make up for the delicious biscuits I baked yesterday.

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Well done mabbers! Mother Nature is taunting us here in the States with a mix of Spring like days then snow! Spring can not come too soon here! The run sounds fantastic and beautiful! Great distance! Gayle


sounds like a lovely run. I went out today & it was so sunny I came home with freckles!!


Well done that's fab. I have enjoyed the sunshine this week


Spring is teasing us in Italy too. Beautiful sunny days interspersed with freezing nights. Snow expected on Thursday! Sunny snow!


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