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Just done my first session!

It felt OK in that i could breathe and my legs didn't want to give up on me but OMG it's hot! (If you missed my blog last night I'm in Singapore)

The sweat was running down my face, dripping off my nose and chin and I could feel it pooling down my back.

It felt sort of gross but at the same time good in that it's the hardest workout I've done..probably ever!

When I got in and saw my reflection my face was just like a big (sweaty) bright red tomato!

I think aside from actually completing the programme, my biggest challenge is going to be ensuring I'm hydrated. If I'm going to run first thing in the morning I need to make sure I've drank plenty the day before, as well as after my run.

So run 2 is on this space!

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Excellent and well done on getting underway! My memories of Singapore are that just being outside any air-con'd building makes the sweat pour ... even without any exercise at all. You will have your work cut out for sure, but you are totally motivated and determined, so you will do it :) As you say, keep hydrated and you'll survive! Lots of luck for Wednesday. And to quote Laura (and loads of other blogger joggers on this site)...., "You can do it!" ;)


Well done. :-)


Brilliant start - I think that doing it in snow and ice was probably much, much easier than doing it in sweaty heat, so my hat's off to you! Keep hydrated, and go as slowly as you can! :)


Well done Jellebean....I'm starting my first this evening and the temperature is 3°c in Belgium....much better for running I think. Keep hydrated, and lots of luck continuing on your journey....we can graduate together ;0)


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