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Well I'll be damned

After a successful 20 minute run on Thursday, today I thought I'd be a rebel and ditch Laura. Loaded up with my own choice of music I decided to see if I could do 25 minutes or 2 miles, whichever came first.

Fortunately I had already measured where the two mile marker was on today's route as my phone failed to pick up a gps signal for Runkeeper. It was a peculiar experience to be out there with neither Laura nor the strange disembodied voice of Runkeeper keeping me informed of my progress. So it was just me and an eclectic mix of music ranging from Cat Stevens to The Proclaimers.

Unbelievably, I managed to keep going to the 2 mile marker. It took me 26 minutes, so records broken. I have to admit that I didn't manage it without stopping though. I needed to stop for about 10 seconds to put my ear phone back in to my evidently ridiculously small ear. But still, TWO MILES!!

To celebrate I sat in my car, steamed up the windows while getting my breath back and enjoyed a phone call with BigEd while he was out for his run :-)

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Well done - so many times we have to remind ourselves that a only few months ago 2 mins running let alone 2 miles was a challenge. It strikes me as quite compelling that whatever the injury weather or technology, Laura with her gentle insistence and dreadful music has turned us into genuine runners. I love my new sport, the sense of personal goals achieved, the lift in self esteem because running is in my view about us, our bodies and our environment. BUT what actually compelled me to reply is The Proclaimers - thanks for the reminder; straight onto my list as my running pace isn't much faster than walking!!


Hi Sian thats a fantastic achievement, really well done. Considering your asthma you did incredibly well! I enjoyed the phone call, very stimulating. I had a good run which i will now blog on. Ed x x


Thanks Ed xx


Congratulations on your run, you little Tina Turner you.

All the best for your next one.



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