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W2R3 and a strange feeling.....enjoyment!!!

Well I've completed week 2 and I hope I'm not getting too confident but actually found it very manageable and easier than week 1 bizarrely.

I've been feeling good this week but after having "words" with the husband today (!), I was in a very bad mood this evening. Knowing how much of this is mental I really didn't feel in a good frame of mind to run but my sister came to run with me again so had no chance of ducking out.

I started off ok and actually lost track of how many runs I'd done (normally I focus on how many left) but I think I felt so comfortable that I realised I had enough in the tank however many were left. Afterwards I had a real "high" moment at having completed it which has lasted and restored happiness in our house!

I hope I've not peaked too soon but ready for week 3 now and actually feeling good at attempting double the time on some of the runs.

Who'd have thought such a change in mindset and fitness in 2 weeks - amazing!!!

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This programme is as much as emotional and mental well being as it is about physical health, I feel. I'm always in a better, more positive frame of mind after my run as is my (sometime grumpy) husband! Best wishes. :)


Brilliant! Even if you have some rubbish runs now, you KNOW that you can enjoy it, and that counts for so much! Lovely blog! :) (and glad you're on speaking terms again with your husband!)


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