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W2R3 Completed - legs are feeling weird?

Hey people,

I completed my third run on Week 2 this morning and boy did it feel good! I'm using Endomondo to take strategic measurements of my progress and have already made a teensy bit of progress on my time - not much, but a bit. I'm actually feeling like a runner now in just two weeks - not a good one, but a perfectly decent average one. PLUS....I've managed to lose a couple of Aged 50 middle aged pounds over the two weeks which I am very pleased about.

I have one question for you - my legs today (and the other day after the 2nd run) feel really weird. Aches and very slight buzzing pains. Is this usual?

I look forward to your replies.


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As an equally ( or slightly more) middle ager..yes I think it is. At the beginning my legs were painful especially my thighs! I think it was the muscles waking up after 50+ years excercise free!


Good! Thanks for that runninmam. Of course it must be that. Appreciate your reply.


After a long run, my legs let me know of their continuing existence for some time afterwards - and I can sometimes feel the nerves or muscles in my calves twitching gently for a while (which definitely feels weird).


Sounds perfectly normal to me. Running reaches the parts couching around fails to reach. You'll be OK!

I ran for about 50 minutes this morning, did my 5 minute cool down, drove home and boy were my legs stiff getting out of the car ;-) Now I'm fine.


Merci beaucoup!


I didn't run yesterday, but spent 15 minutes going up and down our stairs (which is hard work!) - at the end my knees were literally quivering! Weird legs sounds pretty normal really. :)

Keep up the good work!


Blimey!! Up and down the stairs? Amazing! Thanks for your reply!


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