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Stray dogs & running clubs and progress?

I haven't blogged much on here as my progress? has been very erratic. I first started wk 1 last July, I got to wk 3 when my husband decided he'd like to join me, he'd already run one of the wk 1 runs with me, he's quite fit and didn't struggle with it (life's not fair), so we went back and started wk2.

It was good having a companion, he was/is very good at keeping me to a steady pace, but disaster struck at wk 5, nothing to do with the running, but I put my foot down a pot hole on our park whilst walking our dogs, fell all my length and strained my groin, although I didn't realise this at the time as the pain came on gradually. The upside was both my doctor and a chiropractor said this injury was a twisting type and they were sure it was nothing to do with running.

My doc really gave me the third degree on C25k, I thought she was going to say "what are you doing this for at your age?", I'm 53 in a weeks time, but, she was interested in the programme, she'd not heard of it and was interested for other patients and herself!

She has referred me for physio - I'm still waiting. I have carried on with walking, cycling and swimming and as things have improved we have started the running again, very cautiously at wk 1, but we now have one wk 4 run to do and we're back at disaster point.

This time it has been much easier, we haven't lost any fitness that we had gained, although wks 1 & two were the hardest, I think maybe it's because it's not so easy to get into a steady rhythm.

Our first wk 4 was interrupted by finding a stray dog on the main road nearest to our house, he was a beautiful, well cared for Rottweiler X, but had no tag, Angus (hubby) held on to Rotty's collar and headed back towards our park, very fast, he had no choice, Rotty was very strong!!

We couldn't find any one looking for him, so we called our vet, who said bring him in and they'd scan him, see if he was chipped. We daren't walk him along the road without a lead, so we detoured home and fetched one, we then loped off to the vets, I had to keep jogging to keep up with them, he was not well trained to the lead. Meanwhile, Laura was well into our run.

(I've asked twice at the vets to find out about Rotty, no one seems to know, they have said they'll get back to me....)

Having left him at the vets, no microchip either, we started again, but missed out the warm up, we figured we were more than warmed up. And we'd blown our cover big time, we're well known there and we'd been keeping the running quiet, now word has got to our neighbours who think we're mad!

Last night we completed our second wk 4 run, not without incident, we had just come to the end of our first 3 min run when we spotted a crowd of runners, from our local running club, heading towards us, there was no way we were stopping! Unfortunately for us, they had split into several groups and our 3 min run merged into the first 5 min, but we did it!! So 8 mins in all! And much laughter at a couple of bystanders who said " there's 2 of them idiots running the wrong way" we must have looked the part then.

Here's hoping that all will continue well, we are both enjoying it too much to stop now. I'm still a bit worried about my strain, I've been ok, but I slipped on a wet kerb, whilst walking and pulled it a bit, although it seems no worse today after yesterday's run.

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Oh gosh, this is so inspiring! there is hope for us complete newbies then.

I wonder what I'll find on my runs, a gold watch, a 10k roll, or more likely dogs muck on my new trainers....


Interesting blog. It sounds as though you're doing brilliantly - hope the strain sorts itself out soon.

Well done for promoting c25k to your doctor - that's quite an achievement!


Well done - sounds like you're having a great time... Hope Rotty gets reunited with his owners and that your future runs are a bit less eventful!


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