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Running Club - update


Well, early morning Running Club was a success!!! The girls did themselves proud. 17 girls arrived all raring to go - all shapes and sizes, all different abilities.

It was snowing and very soggy outside so we had to run in the hall. I had a brainwave in the car about running to music to keep different paces and Uptown Funk didn't let me down! They loved it!

We did interval training - they couldn't manage 1 minute intervals as they just shot off like they were running races, but when we talked about 'sustained running' they got the message and slowed down. We went for 30 second intervals and they could only run for two minutes in total. Interestingly, the 'best' runners in the school are the 'best' because they are the fastest, and when they realised they would be working on running slower and for longer, they felt challenged and liked that. One girl regularly does obstacle races in the mud with her dad, so she stood out and enjoyed the challenge.

All of them said they felt more comfortable because it was a girls only club and, as they're the oldest in our school, they wobble a bit in places (!!) and they said they felt less conscious of that.

Taylor Swift echoing down the corridors brought in a few visits from staff members, who said they were coming to join in next week - I hope they do.

Girls, I know you'll never read this, but I told you face to face anyway - you are amazing!! I am so proud - especially of the one very overweight girl who ran and walked the whole time and still looked like a tomato when I taught her maths half an hour later. Gawd bless ya!

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Oh wow, this is so wonderful to read! You're doing an amazing thing, and it must be so gratifying at the same time. I have huge respect for you!


Oh Heggers - you should be so proud of yourself too! You will be giving those girls so much confidence. What wonderful thing this running is!


That's just fabulous! It's people like you that make this great country what it is. I applaud you and all your girls, and long may it continue. Bravo!


This is great. I would love my 12-year-old daughter to do something like this. She is firmly in the 'I hate sport' camp, so I'm trying to find ways round it! Haven't managed to get her to run with me yet, but she has started coming along on her roller blades sometimes, which is great. Sounds like your girls at school will have loads of fun and get a lot out of this club.

That is just about one of the most uplifting things I have ever read!

Can you do a blog which is open to the whole world and which we on this forum could put links to on our social networks and spread the word? It should also be copied to the Health Secretary and the Education Secretary, the Minister for Women (if there is one?) .... and anyone else you can think of. I HATED PE at school. I went to a girls' school. It was all about butch sadistic PE teachers, and cold communal showers.

If I had had a teacher like you, maybe I wouldn't have spent the next 40 years on the couch moaning about being overweight.

Go Heggers!!!


Yes! This is a wonderful thing you are doing . I hated PE. And it's an awful time of life as your body shapes and shifts and you have to relearn the skin you live in. That combined with the hormones! Running will be great confidence builder and great stress relief for these ladies. That is very exciting.


The world needs people like you. Hooray for your tomato faced girl, hope she realises that she is capable of more than she thinks and comes to the next session. Good luck with your amazing project.


What a fantastic achievement for you and your group. They should be very proud of themselves.

Brilliant, just brilliant. What more needs to be said.


I wish someone at school had done something like this for us. Instead us non sporty girls were hounded and humiliated by the sporty ones and the PE teachers. I still have the hockey scars 30 years later. Well done to you!!!!


FABULOUS, TOTALLY FABULOUS! This is just the best post. :) Congratulations on starting your club, on an inspired choice of music and for keeping those girls interested and engaged. You may find you've got more next week when the word gets out.

What a fabulous post. You are doing an amazing thing Heggers and I'd love to be a fly on the wall just to see the girls' progress.

I think most of us have horror stories from PE at school which is criminal really but teachers then never made it FUN. But your girls are so lucky to have you as their guide. A running Miss Jean Brodie! Fantastic.

That is fantastic, so great hear about how one person can make such a difference to so many. Well done and happy running to you all.


Look out comes Heggers!!!!


Heggers for Minister of Sport! Yayyyy! What an inspiration you must be to the girls! I admire you sooooo much, for spotting an opportunity and grabbing it with both hands! Who knows how many lives you'll change for the better? "Well done!" doesn't even start to cover it!


Just brilliant - I so wish I'd had something like this when I was at school. Your students are very lucky to have someone as encouraging and inspiring as you. I hope it continues to thrive!


That sounds fabulous. So inspirational. I wish someone had encouraged me to run when I was in my early teens!


Thank you so so much everyone, you are very kind. Its funny though, if only you knew what I was like before c25k. It's been life changing and its even better to change the lives of others (well that's teaching anyway, but this is something else). Had 20 girls signed up by the end of the day and one staff member who has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and has been told to exercise. Will update you next week....:-) :-)


Wow. That is inspiring. I'm sure in my school days I was that girl with a face like a tomato. In fact I still am! I hated sport at school, last to be picked for teams etc but it was just the wrong sport. Everyone can do something and it's not always about being slim and speedy. I think that's why I'm enjoying C25k. I work with teenage boys with behaviour problems and would love to introduce them to this but think I need to get a bit further on myself first.

Hope you keep it up and get support from the school's senior management.

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