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And so I'm back

From outer space, well nearly.

I am an old hand at this, I graduated last May (I think) but stopped running as winter hit. I joined a not particularly local running club but could never get home in time for the runs, I tried joining a gym and treadmill running but hated it! Today I did my first run in the beginners group of my truly local running club, which is a 12 week course ending in 5 miles (that was a shocker I was only expecting 5k!). I am going to use the podcasts for my mid-week training runs as I miss Laura's encouragement (but not the music!).

I was on lighterlife total when I started last year so completed the plan on 600 cals a day. Its been hard maintaining my weight loss since then mainly, I think, because I stopped running. I found that running made me want to eat better, if I had a craving it was for fruit never for high fat/sugar thing plus if I had a drink my runs were so much harder. This kept me on the straight and narrow. So I'm back to running and am using C25K to help. My main aim is to stabilise my weight then lose some more. I am going into this winter fit, slim and with a plan to get me through the dark mornings.

Having found a running club outside my front door this time I will keep it up for life. Good luck everyone, this is a great plan, just stick to it and you will get there.

PS you NEVER forget the words to "You and Julie".........

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Congratulations on the weight loss. Funny how running puts the food in balance. Glad you are back and have found a club with which you can really participate. Should be motivating and helpful- I feel like I'm too slow to join one (a little over 4K in 30 min), but going beginner might be the ticket. Thanks for the idea!

Treadmill plus "You and Julie"... deadly combo, indeed. Have you tried C25K+ podcasts with Laura? The music is mostly just beat driven and so far has been helpful. In case not, Speed is interval work which could be done at a very slow pace and Stepping Stones is the 30 minute run.


Oh, well done! 600 calories a day! That's not enough to keep a mice going! But fab that you've lost weight and have persevered with the running - it sounds like nothing is going to put you off.

You and Julie - oh, how I miss it.... ;-)


"the you and julie" comment made me laugh out loud.


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