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10k Training Update - not such a good week

After my epic run last Sunday 10k + running up a huge hill, this week has gone a bit pear shaped. Monday was a rest day so decided to get the ifit module which is part of my treadmill working (technical issue due to poor internet connect etc. ). It seemed to work so on Tuesday decided I would try it out for my 4 mile run. For those of you who don't know how it is supposed to work you can map a run anywhere in the world and then download it to your treadmill, you put your laptop or tablet on the treadmill console and you can see yourself running the route using google maps. It even automatically increases the incline as you go up a hill. All sounds great but technology never runs as smoothly as you think it's going to and I was still having problems on Tuesday working out how the thing actually works (the instructions aren't great) and I ran out of time, so no run. Wednesday it was my anniversary and we went out for a meal so again no run. Thursday another try with the ifit module and I did manage to do about 3 miles. Friday I opted for coffee with my friends rather than a run, I did feel guilty.

So this morning my punishment was to get up early in the cold and do a Park Run. We have a local one which is about 5 mins away but there is another one which is about 15 mins away and it is a much nicer route so opted for that one. This is my 3rd Park Run and I was basically out to beat my last time which was 31mins 54 Secs. I gave it all I had and got a time of 30 mins 19 secs, a bit gutted that I didn't get the magic 30 mins.

Now need to get back on track with the 10k training as only 3 weeks to the 10k race to go.

Must try harder next week

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Well, if you can do 5K in 30.19, I wish I had a few of your 'bad weeks'!! That sounds pretty amazing to me. Good luck with the 10k race!


I think you did fantastically at your Parkrun, you shaved over a minute and a half of your PB, WELL DONE :D


Sounds pretty good to me, too. But it's all relative, and many of us seem to be very hard on ourselves. Perhaps if we were kinder, and more forgiving to ourselves, we'd loosen up a bit more and do better too! Hope you enjoy next week more anyway! :)


You are so very close to your goal! 19 seconds to go... Next time you will probably just hurry up a little more at the end and get a PR.


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