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10k training - Resting Heart Rate & A Dodgy Ankle

As some of you may have seen I am trying to find out my maximum heart rate - which I measured at 202 bpm last night by running like a madman on the treadmill last night. This morning my plan was to find out my resting heart rate - so before I got up strapped on my heart rate monitor and Garmin and quietly laid there for 20 mins measuring my bpm. My lowest measurement was 30 bpm.

I am doing this so I can use my heart rate monitor to run in the correct zone! - Still trying to work out what it all means and what all the zones mean

I am dying to go out and give it a go but a have a dodgy ankle, it was a bit sore after my 7 mile run on Sunday but last nights run has really aggravated it. Feels like I need to oil the joint maybe some WD40 will help.

Only a week and a half till my 10k so REST and ibufopen for me. Will see how it feels at the end of the week and decide then whether to run on Friday in or out of the zone.

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Good gracious, you must be very fit! Hope your ankle gets sorted and you are able to reach your goal.


Experts say you should take a resting heart rate reading over at least 3 days to get an average but 30 bpm seems way to low......That means your heart is beating every other second :O I believe 40 to 100bpm is more normal but does depend on age and fitness.

Hope the ankle gets better soon.



I think I'm coming to the conclusion that working out max heart rate any more accurately is not worth while for me! - I'll stick to judging by how much effort it's taking me! If I can still talk, I'm probably working at 'moderate intensity zone' about 70-80% hrm (though it seems to come out at a higher percentage for me - I suspect my max is one of the 15-20 beats higher than average ones) and if I'm out of breath and it's starting to hurt it's probably 'hard intensity zone' about 80-90%, which is 'recommended occasionally for fit people'. Which I interpret as 'now I've graduated, I can push myself occasionally for sprints or up hills'. But I'll still read my heart rate every now and then, to see if it fits in with the above (which is sort of backwards, but there you go!)

Hope the ankle gets better fast. I'm sure WD40 will do the trick! :)


I am definitely not super fit. Yes, 30 bpm is extremely low I agree and I was shocked.

When I was trying to set up the heart rate monitor it was up to about 100 bpm but I was fiddling about. when I laid down and relaxed it was between 55-46 bpm but when I was totally chilled out it dropped down to 30 bpm and stayed down there for 3 minutes.

I will check this again over a couple more days. I will also do my MHR again once my ankle improves.


I haven't used mine since I bought my Garmin. Must try it out and see what I get as a reading.....


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