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What a lovely group of people runners are!

Well that is week 2 done. Really looking forward to week three now. My ankle is holding up well, which I am so pleased about.

One thing has struck me since I started running - what a fantastic community runners are. Not just here on the blog, but at work, when I mentioned that I has stared running, I suddenly opened up a whole new group of people to talk to - fellow runners. It doesn't seem to matter if you are running for one minute or doing triathalons, there is a shared feeling of support. One guy at work is a serious runner but he always asks how I'm doing and gives encouragement.

I saw one of the mums from my son's school out running and now if we see each other we always ask how it is going - I'd never really spoken to her before.

Here on the blog there are so many people ready to give support and encouragement. No one passes judgement and every success is greated with a huge pat on the back.

We hear so much about the bad stuff, its good to find people who are postive and supportive

Thank you for being such a great bunch of people!

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I agree Tessie. There are runners at my work too who always include me in their chatter about running, training, races etc and it makes me feel great! One made the effort to come and tell me about a half marathon ballot and when it was closing if I wanted to enter :O Runner's are just great and this forum the best :)

Happy running and best of luck for week 3. Sue


Well good luck with your half marathon Sue! He he! I've found people at work really encouraging too, and this forum is lovely. :)


I work in a small place - just me and my boss (the business owner) who used to run on a regular basis some time ago. She's really supportive of my beginner's running. I think my enthusiam is rubbing off on her because a couple of times she said she wants to start running again. Recently I told her I had thought about signing up for a 5K run as an after graduation goal, that is until I found out how much they cost. She immediately said she'd sponsor me for my first 5K run. Whoo hoo!


I know what you mean, I've found it the same. Some hobbies seem to have people that think they're the bees knees and won't hesitate to show how much more they know than you but I've never met any runners like that. I reckon it's all the endorphins and fresh air, it's so hard to be in a bad mood when you've been running.


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