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back outside for my tempo run.....yaaaaay :)

My running partner for today (who is afraid of the cold and wind) could not make it today so I decided that it was time to get back outside in prep for our 10k. My gosh, I had no Idea how terrified I was until I was preparing to leave. I think i must have convinced myself somewhere along the way that despite my visible signs of effort on the treadmill, it was doing the work for me. Lots of negative mental chatter later, I decided not even trying was far worse than failure, so I broke my run down into small bits and decided that if I left the house and ran for 5mins I had succeeded because I had won the mental battle which was far bigger than the physical one.

The run was ok, my breathing was awful and had to take my inhaler a few times but I can get used to that, my legs were great though and I had some lovely smiles from fellow runners......hard to miss my 240lb wheezy self in my pink jacket it would have been ;) The view across the bay kept me occupied, then I stopped to walk through the busy shopping and eating area but thought sod it and picked up running again.....people smiled and I decided I was too fabulous to care having been running solidly for 25 mins :)

My normal run today would have been 30-40min tempo. I did it, ran for 38mins, 5k route with a couple of 1min walks and a photo :) but the main thing is I did it when I would have given anything not to.

I stopped at Starbucks for a cuppa on the way back and saw a guy I know who greeted me with a big hug and well done whilst I huffed and puffed my success story to him.

Feeling very happy and looking forward to going out again on Sunday for my long slow run. I know we all have mental drama now and then but despite never finding a run easy, this was my biggest test thus far so I wanted to post in case it helped someone else.

Following my cuppa I had a nice 20min walk home and the final random song playing I my iPod? Tina Turner "Simply The Best" ;)

Jems x

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I loved this, Jems:

"people smiled and I decided I was too fabulous to care" - I had a huge smile on my face when i read that. Just lovely.

'Simply the best' indeed. :)


Ah thanks for the lovely comments greenlegs! I hope you and your smile have a lovely weekend :)


Fantastic go girl :-)


And you!! You are doing soooo well Phil :)


It sounds like a good tempo run and all the more so because you initially doubted your ability. It sounds like the 10K programme is really work well for you! Enjoy your long, slow distance run on Sunday.


Thanks Swanscot, it was perfect because it existed. Can't get any better than that :) I still have lots of doubts about the 10k but will ignore them and plough on as best I can. Thanks for your support.


Congrats, sounds fantastic, another one to add to the inspirational folder!

All the best



Thanks Dale :)


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