If I jogged any slower I'd be backing up, but

I'm ok with my super-duper-ultra-light-jogging pace because it's helped me get through the first three weeks and I was able to successfully complete W4R1 today! Considering I was totally out of shape when I began this journey only a few weeks ago I am thrilled that I can now "run" for 5 minutes without stopping! So, for now at least, as long as I'm moving foward then I'm happy.

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  • Well done, finding a pace your happy with was half the battle for me. Also taking pleasure in your improving fitness is an end in itself.

  • Well done you for getting off the couch, don't worry about being slow the speed will improve. I am 74, still very slow but like you I am out there and feel so much better for it. Good luck with the rest of the programme and enjoy. Pat :-)

  • I was exactly the same. My running pace was barely above walking pace but it enabled me to get to the 10 weeks and graduate.

    However, I really enjoyed the programme and felt so much better for it that I am repeating it at a faster pace. Probably not the most orthodox way of doing it but it is working for me.

    Just remember, slow and steady wins the race :-)

  • Well done ...and you give me hope as I have my W4R1 to do today and cannot imagine running for 5 minutes, but know I will keep going until I can.

  • Slow and steady rules the world!

  • Congrats on the run, look forward to your next victory.

    All the best


  • Thanks everyone, you're all such a supportive bunch. Happy jogging to all!

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