Couch to 5K

W4R1 Hurah did it - and outdoors! - but if I went any slower I'd stop :D

Laura makes me laugh when she talks about slowing the pace down. I am sure I must jog stupidly slowly as I know I could power walk it quicker and if I went any slower I would stop.

Anyway, the car had to be at the garage today for an MOT so I decided to throw caution to the wind and tackle my 2nd outdoor run as I couldn't get to the gym. The sun was shining and it actually felt pretty good ..... well now that I am back home basking in my accomplishment. At the time, I felt like a bit of an out-of-puff jelly but I didn't give up.

It was hard going, but I so want to do this.

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I jog stupidly slowly too and wish this was renamed C23K as that would be far more manageable.

Well done for getting out there. Keep it up, you're doing fab


I'm another one who jogs v slowly. In fact in the early weeks I'm almost sure I was walking faster than I was jogging. But hang in there, you do eventually put on some speed and I now jog a tiny bit faster than I walk - though c23K also still seems like a more realistic target for me !


Enjoy the fact that it was hard going-means you're building strength and endurance. I'm well jealous that you were out in the sunshine-most of my runs are still in the cold and dark-roll on spring! Anyway, good luck with the rest of the course.


Im so slow I'm sure im going backwards :) but it makes me soo happy so here's to slow jogging which is far superior to no jogging, well done to you :D


Hi! I am still slow but any speed is faster than having my bottom on the couch! Slow and steady is the mantra put last year by Greenlegs on here; I'm sure it was her who got overtaken by a dog walker on her graduation run! But She did it and is a fine example that this is all about being active and getting out there.

The title really should be couch to 30 minutes as that is what it aims for; and last year a poll on here showed comparatively few people reached the elusive 5km in 30 minutes - I graduated in February 2013, did my first official 5km Parkrun in March at 46 minutes, and am still at 33 minutes something as my pb but hope to get to 30 minutes this year sometime (with more training & losing more weight!) even if only once; but I am also contemplating a half marathon and marathon this year; which considering I started at 49yrs old and 18 stone 9lbs (now 15 st) is fantastic I think! :-)

Good luck and happy running! :-)


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