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Is it my imagination or are the mornings getting lighter?

My early morning run finished without me tripping over the doorstep as the sun was just threatening on the horizon - great way to start the day!

Had a good run too - not quite back to the 30 minute non stop pre chest infection in December - but really felt good this morning and can tell the difference my new trainer is making to my overall fitness levels. I have told him one of my early goals is a park run and then 5km in 30 mins - felt this morning that was back in sight again.

Just wanted to wish you all the joys of Spring and Happy Running :-)

S x

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Yes I really noticed it this morning - lightening at 6.30am! yea! Soon I will no longer be up before dawn. :-)

I get up very early to go and see my horses, I am yet to run before 7am, although I did get up and run at 7am last sunday and it was lovely and peaceful!


:-) I find it helps if I am out of the house before my brain wakes up -but I do actively enjoy it when sun out, air fresh and no-one to see me ;-) Well done you though- 7am on a Sunday is way too early!!


Oooh yes Sue, and the evenings too! When I checked my weather app today it was the first time for ages that it shows sunset at after 5pm - 5:01pm!! :D That means it wont be long until I get to run after work and actually be able to see where I'm going....!

So glad you are getting back into it and enjoying it too. Its lovely to feel that way after a run isnt it and hopefully the move into spring will cheer us all up and make it so much more enjoyable :)

Sue x


I noticed it was a lot lighter Tuesday morning, then found out my alarm hadn't gone off and it was 20 minutes later than i thought!


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